Web design :

Revision 4 design and implement dynamic websites. Our sites attract new and repeat visitors by giving you the tools to keep the site fresh and up to date.

What type of site do I need?

Revision 4 specialise in building standards compliant websites which are managed via a Content Managed System (CMS). A CMS site is one which can be maintained by you the website owner, allowing you to keep the site fresh, which regularly attracts both search engines and visitors.

In this type of site, the content, (images, text etc.) are read from a database as the page is requested, and passed to the web server which dynamically builds the page before sending it to the web site visitor.

When we design the site with you, we agree which parts or pages of the site you will want to update yourself and from this we build in an Administration Section of the site in which there are simple database forms which you will complete to insert and update the site content.

Keeping your site updated with new information, news or product data is the best way to get your clients to return to your website regularly. If your site is static and its content does not change, your visitors will not return as there will be nothing new to learned from your site.

Another issue with a static site is that at the point when you realise that your site is hopelessly out of date and not attracting repeat visitors, that a full redesign and rewrite may be required. Investment in a CMS will give your site a longer lifetime than a static site.

We can help you by designing a site which gives the visitor confidence in your business by delivering an immediate professional impression. It is also important that the initial impression is a positive one as it is in the first few seconds of the visit that the potential client will decide if yours is the company they would like to do business with.

We will ensure that your site delivers a positive experience by being easy to navigate, and simple to find data and information.

Revision 4 will undertake the complete process of creating a presence for your company on the internet. From selection and registration of your domain name, through design, hosting and implementation. We will guide and train you showing you how to manage your site, and how to interpret statistical visitor data. Working with you we will use this information to tune your site to attract more visitors.

If you would like to discuss creating or updating your web prescence then please post an equiry through our contact form.