Internet and network security :

Our Managed I T Service may include the installation of some or all of the items below.

Web filtering

Web filtering is the process of managing the internet content which your employees are allowed to visit. Typically the primary reasons we use Internet Filtering are :-

  • Block inappropriate content
  • Control productivity
  • Preserve network bandwidth

Filtering will ensure that only websites in categories you choose to allow in your business are available to your staff. If you wish to restrict access to Social Networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, then a simple rule in the web filter will enforce such a restriction.

The filter is flexible to allow out of business hours access, so that employees may use internet shopping at lunchtime for example. The Web filtering system also provides full reporting on user activity to monitor web site usage and browsing behaviour. The filtering software has a categorised database of over 100 million websites, in over 50 groups. Revision 4 can implement, configure and maintain your Web filtering software.

Of course your employees should be made aware that you are implementing a monitoring or filtering policy. Having done this you will need to develop an Internet and Email policy. Revision 4 can guide you through the process of creation of this policy.

Protocol Control

Revision 4 can implement Protocol Control, which gives you control over web applications your employees are allowed to execute.

Protocol management includes access and policy to items such as Instant Messenger, streaming audio/video, online games and internet relay chat. It is this type of internet activity which opens your infrastructure up to spyware, viruses and other malware.

The introduction of protocol filtering may also increase productivity.

Typically Protocol control is successful in monitoring and optionally blocking certain applications which a firewall is unable to filter.

Spyware Filter

It is important to stop spyware and adware before it reaches your client computers. This type of infection can cause a degradation of machine performance, multiple pop-up adverts and failure of some internet services. Our security solution does not require any software on the client machines as traffic is filtered and blocked at the network security device.

Attack Blocker

The attack blocker uses reputation-based heuristics to define legitimate and bad traffic which gives protection against Denial of Service (DOS) attacks.

Revision 4 can implement this security and access control

We can secure your business and protect your network and integrity of your data.
If you would like to discuss how Revision 4 can help secure your business, please post an enquiry via our contact form.