Network support :

Revision 4 can use industry standard software to remotely manage your network devices. The software can be deployed onto your network without the need to visit every desktop computer or server.

Patch management :

It is important that your workstations and servers are regularly updated with the latest service packs and security patches.  We can manage your update cycle without the requirement for you to install a Windows Services Updates Server (WSUS).

Our software will ensure that all of your workstations and servers are updated correctly. We can deploy patches to machines which are not internet connected from any other machine on your network.

In many companies, the IT staff will test each patch before releasing it via their WSUS server. With remotely managed services, it is important that patches do not cause problems post installation. In the event of a patch installation problem, we can roll back specific updates, to a single machine or a group of machines.

We are able to schedule the downloading and installation of updates out of normal business hours so that network and device performance is not affected.

Remote management :

A key component of our Managed Service is the ability to automate routine Administrator tasks. By using the Remote Management services software we can deploy software and updates without visiting each machine on an individual basis.

Remote management allows us to schedule managed tasks either on a single or recurring basis. We can use these scripts for many administration purposes, for example, ensuring that your anti-virus definition files are up to date on all workstations and servers including those which do not have an internet connection.

Network Security provides us with a quick and easy method to implement and enforce access policies across multiple networks, locations and organisations. A feature of group policy management is that your network does not need to have Active Directory and domain security installed. Group security can be configured to restrict access to files and folders, by group or single network identities. Group policy can also be used to permit or deny access to applications as well as to files.

Remote monitoring :

We can monitor your network infrastructures around the clock. Our management software can be configured to continuously monitor your email servers, web servers or other network and web-based services.

We use remote monitoring to keep a check on your servers, workstations and laptops. The software collects data from the Windows event logs, for review and reporting.

For more information on how we can help you with your IT support, make an enquiry via our contact page