Managed services :

We can either take on the complete day to day running of your I T equipment, or work with your I T Engineers in order to reduce their work load, allowing them to be productive in other areas.

Your network :

Our service will include support of your servers, workstations, networks, firewalls and communications equipment. Much of our support is handled remotely with on site coverage delivered as required.

We can also install, configure, maintain and support security devices which will help to keep your employees productive and your network and data secure.

Your security :

Security is a huge problem in today's inter-connected computing environment. Faced with viruses, malware, spyware, phishing and denial of service attacks, security of your network is of paramount importance.

Imagine a scenario where your network has been brought down by some malicious software, unknowingly downloaded by an employee visiting a website which hosts malware.

  • Will you still be able to take orders and invoice your customers?
  • How much will several lost days of business cost you?
  • Will your customers remain loyal when your network and business is available again?

Your data :

One of the most important items in your business is your data.
We can help you to protect that data by implementing a dedicated server loaded with security software.
Here are some of the products we can install and manage on your network.

  • Phishing Control
  • Web Filtering
  • Protocol Control
  • Virus Protection
  • Firewall
  • Spyware Filter
  • Spam Filter
  • Attack Blocker
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Network and systems management :

To manage your network and IT infrastructure, Revision 4 can install network and systems management software to deliver IT services remotely to small and midsize businesses. Using this management software we can:

  • Remotely manage Windows and non-Windows systems as well as network devices
  • Distribute software, apply patches, execute scripts and transfer files
  • Discover and inventory network infrastructure and software installation

Revision 4 can entirely manage and support your network , or can be used to support your existing IT staff.

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